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Osmany Soler Mena (1974)

Osmany was born in Cuba in 1947.  He studied and graduated from the “Acadamia de Arte Vicentia de la Torre”.  He has exhibited in a multiple of disciplines including ceramics and bronze casting. Painting remains his preferred medium for which he has won six first prize awards.

Osmany Mena’s work centres around “life” and the energy it contains.  It affects us on a visceral level, full of wisdom and insight, like a fossil.  These prehistoric archetypes burrow their way through our subliminal recollections, as they reconnect us to our roots.  Anthropologically ambiguous, ecologically elemental and earthly ethereal, these marvellous Morphing forms probe our subconscious occupying every square inch, with their deep tenderness and gentle affections.   – John Casucci0

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