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Enrique Toledo (1966)

Enrique Toledo started to be known in Cuba during the 90s, when a return to the aesthetics paradigm of Cuban art was recaptured, contrasting with the 80s, where conceptual or extra-aesthetic tendencies were predominant. According to art critic Antonio Pérez Santos, “Toledo has attained a privileged place among visual arts in Latin America. His perseverance during many years of studying and education reveals today´s mature artist in the summit of his creative work.”

Gallery owner Manuel Viota explains….

“Toledo presents in his work almost all the main genres in painting: landscapes, portraits, and still life. Among these «fables» he includes elements inherent to contemporary existence, such as media, advertising, photography, and cinema, among other,”

Starting from permanent and unusual connections, Toledo is able to instill intrigue to his spectator by introducing him to a narrative skein where the author’s visions and perspectives overlap with historic and biblical subjects. In this way, he implies a permanent questioning of art and life.

In these “fables” this artist wages, once more, to present his most complex obsessions, to persistently express in fables whatever is recognized as our causes. He enters into a simulacrum and makes alterations in order to outline, unintentionally, the present, and also to adventure himself into the future.

He has exhibited extensively throughout Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico since 1992. With 6 first prize Awards and over 50 Exhibitions, he has firmly established himself as a tour de force.

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