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George Gabriel Picard (France 1857-1943)

George Gabriel Picard, born in Remiremont (Vosges) December 23, 1857 and died in 1943 in Yzeures-sur-Creuse, was a painter, decorator and French illustrator.

Son of Abraham Picard and his wife, born Rosalie Gougenheimer, Georges Picard was from a wealthy Jewish family. Originally from the Vosgesregion of France, he completed his studies at the Lycee Charlemagne in Paris. In 1877 he entered the School of Fine Arts where he was a pupil of Jean-Léon Gérôme for two years. He stayed in the United States in 1885 and 1887. He executed the decorations of the Lobau gallery of Paris City Hall from 1891 to 1898.

Member of the Administrative Commission of Fine Arts, he supported the work of his friend René Lalique for the 1895 Exposition.

His wife died in 1938. During the invasion of Alsace in 1940, Georges Picard was expelled from his house Obernai. Deported with other Jewish families, he was taken to Lyon. He died in 1943 of cardiac failure.

He is an Officer of the Legion of Honour


Picard was essentially a fresco painter, but excelled as well as a book illustrator.

Notable Frescoes:

Salle Schmit du Casino de Monte-Carlo

Hôtel de ville de Paris, Vers la lumière, plafond de la Bibliothèque du Conseil

Théâtre de Buenos Aires

Plafond de la maison commune du 15e arrondissement de Paris

Petit Palais à Paris, plafond de la rotonde sud-ouest réalisée en 1909 et 1920

Ambassade de France à Vienne

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Études d’enfant / Study of a child Études d’enfant / Study of a child

Georges PICARD (French 1857-1946)

Études d’enfant / Study of a child

Charcoal on laid watermarked paper

19 ½ x 25 ½ inches

Inventory stamp of the dealer/auction house Delvaux, Paris

Overall very good. One area of light discoloration. Right hand edge crinkled. One small area of loss at extreme lower right hand corner. These defects would most likely be matted out as the piece is framed as a matter of course. Please see images provided.

 This work is most likely a series of studies executed in anticipation of a larger finished work; a painting or fresco.

Georges PICARD (French 1857-1946) Études d'enfant / Study of a child dsc00626 dsc00627 dsc00629 dsc00630 dsc00635

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