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Danys Osuna Milo (1977)

Danis Osuna Milo was born on December 21st, 1977 in Cuba. At the age of 14 he was recruited to an art school where he lived in residence until he was old enough to attend university level studies. He graduated from Carlos Hidalgo Institute of Art in 2001. Osuna has exhibited in over 20 exhibitions in Cuba and has been the recipient of numerous awards and prizes for his work.

“Alejandro Robaina” is one of a series of portraits completed of Osuna’s neighbour “Alejandro Robaina”. Robaina is as a renowned tobacco grower whose family-run plantation in western Cuba has produced leaves of the highest quality for Havana cigars since 1845. In 1997 Robaina was honoured by the Cuban government and Britain’s Imperial Tobacco Group who named a brand of Havana cigars after him, “Vegas Robaina”, as recognition for his years of dedication and his crop’s superior quality.

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