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Bernice Fenwick Martin (1902-1999)

Born in Macklin, Saskatchewan, she lived in Vancouver, B.C., during her youth and attended Dawson Public School and King George High School in that city. She became a swimming champion coached by Percy Norman. When she was 18 she was slated for the Canadian Olympic team but she became interested in art studies. Later she studied at Columbia University, N.Y.C., under Arthur Young also in New Mexico for eight years. She held her first solo show in December, 1958, at the Section Eleven gallery, N.Y.C., owned by Betty Parsons and held several shows afterwards. Her drawings were shown at the Robert Elkon Gallery in May, and her paintings during October and November, 1966. She taught art in schools in New York at Eastern Oregon College and, in the University of Mexico. She also instructed delinquent children in Albuquerque, N. Mex., in reading, writing, arith­metic and social adjustment. Her art work has become very popular in New York and she is represented in the Museum of Modern Art (NYC); Whitney Museum of Art (NYC); Guggenheim Museum (NYC); San Francisco Museum of Art (Calif.); Pasadena Museum (Calif.); and elsewhere. Lives in New York City.

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Colin S. MacDonald

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National Gallery of Canada / Musée des beaux-arts du Canada

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