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Barbara (Barleigh) Leighton (1911-1986)

Barleigh, Barbara (Barbara Leighton) (Mrs. A.C. Leighton) ASA, CPE 1910-1986

Born in England, she was brought to Canada as an infant. Later as a young woman she attended the Albert College of Art, evenings where she met A.C. Leighton and they married in 1931. She is known for her prints based on her husband’s water colours. She did etchings, woodblock prints and woodcuts. For details on this artist see Bente Roed Cochran’s Printmaking in Alberta 1945-1985 in which she devotes two pages on the artist with two illustrations of her work. Her work was sold through the Gainsborough Galleries, Calgary, Alta., and has commanded good prices in auction houses.

Colin S. MacDonald,

A Dictionary of Canadian Artists, volumes 1-8 by Colin S. MacDonald, and volume 9 (online only), by Anne Newlands and Judith Parker.  National Gallery of Canada / Musée des beaux-arts du Canada

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